wPDFControl/wRTF2PDF TextDynamic Server DEMO

wPDFControl/wRTF2PDF TextDynamic Server DEMO 3.78

Usable in .NET and as ActiveX, also in ASP and ASP.NET
3.78 (See all)
WPCubed GmbH

The component wPDFControl was created to make it easy for programmers to add PDF support to
their application. It is based on the popular PDF engine 'wPDF' which has been successful on the Delphi and C Builder market since the year 2000.wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server Version 3 is based on an entirely new rtf engine. It supports much more formatting features, including sections, text boxes and footnotes. Since RTF2PDF V3.5 you can also use it to create HTML, RTF, MIME or PDF text under ASP or ASP .NET!

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